Our Founder Story

My vision for Potter began many years ago and has only strengthened over time as I’ve experienced and overcome many of life’s obstacles. It’s taken nearly 29 years to figure out my passion in this world, yet I feel so fortunate to move forward with building a company and embarking on an endeavor that I know will have great personal rewards and will also build and strengthen our community and environment.

My passion for cannabis began during my years as a college undergraduate at the University of Vermont. Cannabis was a way to connect and form deep, lasting relationships. It allowed us to slow down, truly understand one another by sharing stories, and develop a level of trust and friendship that has only strengthened to this day. While I greatly enjoyed the social benefits of cannabis, I also began to notice the subtle differences between each strain and their effects, and the seed of curiosity to understand how it all works was planted in my mind.

Shortly after entering the working world, I began to experience stomach issues that were eventually diagnosed as a serious case of IBS and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). These issues, in addition to a few traumatic life events, contributed to feelings of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and inflammation. While I sought traditional psychotherapy and pharmaceuticals to aid in my stomach and anxiety issues, no drug or therapy helped as much as CBD products. My earnest curiosity in college grew into a fascination with cannabinoids and terpenes, and which strains and compounds could have the greatest effect and benefit for my needs.


On top of personal experimentation, countless hours of research confirmed that cannabinoids and terpenes show great potential in benefiting those that suffer from stress, anxiety, GI issues, and a multitude of other wellness needs. My dream and passion finally came together seemingly all at once, and my new life purpose was to utilize my problem-solving skills to help others through natural health and wellness products. To provide those without traditional pharmaceutical options, or those plagued by the daily stresses of life, with the highest quality natural products that consumers can trust and believe in.

Here at Potter we truly want everyone to SOAR HIGHER and live their best lives, and firmly believe that our products and approach to wellness can help accomplish this. We welcome you to better health, mindfulness, ability to cope with daily stressors, and the best and highest quality hemp wellness products developed and produced in New England.

Yours Truly,

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Nate Spock